Our company was officially established in 2018 under the name of PT. Sinar Karya Group, located in the city of Bekasi. Our company is engaged in contracting and development services. Even though our company is fairly new, PT. Sinar Karya Group has professional and experienced human resources in their field so that we can provide the best service to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.
We work on projects from individuals, private and government. We are committed to completing all the construction and project works that have been entrusted. The role of all elements of the company is very important in planning, implementing, and controlling the project. Our success is inseparable from various management and effective construction methods, which are efficient and require K3 (Occupational Safety and Health) standards and work environment.
Along with the times and according to the company’s vision and mission, we will continue to innovate and change in order to become a more reliable and successful company.